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How to Hire a Moving Company

Monthly Item of Value: How to Hire a Moving Company

how to hire a moving company part of july e-reportIt is important to know how to hire a moving company before making the big move. The company you hire can make a difference in whether your move goes smoothly or not. Do your homework before you make a commitment.

Ask around, friends, coworkers, family members, and find out what companies they used and how it worked for them. Knowing a person who has had personal experience is always helpful.

Get a written, digital or paper, estimate before moving forward. An estimate is just that, but it’s a good guide.

Do some online research. Read revues, check out their credentials. Make an informed decision.

Learn all about hiring a moving company with my monthly item of value for July.

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5 Steps for Personal Development

personal developmentStriving for personal development is something most people want. There are five steps to help you achieve this. Click on the link to read all about it.


5 Steps to Personal Development


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organizing for taxes

Get Organized for Taxes

It’s that time of year again – tax season. Tax time can be stressful for many people because they are not as organized as they should be. If you do your own taxes or if someone else does them, you still need to have your paperwork together.

Of course, throughout the year, we hope you were tucking away those receipts, pay stubs and W-2 forms for easy retrieval. Simply by putting everything in one location you will save time when you get ready to prepare your tax return. If you didn’t do that last year, get a box set up for this year where you can put all of your paper receipts.

If you pay bills online, you have confirmation emails, online banking statements, etc. All of those can be put in folders on your computer to keep it organized for tax season.

Check out our monthly item of valu...

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is solar the answer

Ever considered solar?

In ancient times, the Greeks used passive solar to help warm their homes in the winter and stay cooler in the summer. Later came the Romans. They used heat from the sun, picking the optimum places for windows. They were the first to use glass windows that would trap the warmth. We’ve come a long way since then.

While most American use traditional methods of getting electricity to their homes, sun powered energy is coming into its own. The price of getting solar can be prohibitive for some, but an investment of this type can pay off in the long run.

Please read my monthly item of value: The Scoop on Solar to get the full story about adding it to your home.

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thank you

Thank you for being my client

Thank you!

In this month’s item of value, I would like to thank you for being my client. Whether you are buying a home or selling one I want to be of service to you. I appreciate your passing my name along to your friends, families and co-workers.

I have a network of other real estate agents who also work by referral. If you are moving out of the area or know someone who is, please contact me and I can send you to someone who will work for your best interests.

Please click on this month’s Item of Value to read all about it.

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stage your home to sell it faster

Stage your home to sell – monthly item of value

Stage your home

We’ve all heard about first impressions. They are usually lasting impressions. If you take an objective look at your home, how will it do?

The time it takes to sell your home can be decreased by making your house look the its best. By using some staging techniques you can become more competitive in the marketplace.

The look of the outside of your home, known as curb appeal, is the first thing a prospective buyer sees. Are there leaves everywhere? Downed branches from the last storm? Gutters full of debris and sagging? In a little time, the debris can be removed and the yard will instantly look better.

Inside your home clutter can be removed. Papers, toys and other objects that are not put away look messy...

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save for big events

Big Events – How to Save for Them

Monthly Item of Value: Saving for Big Events

Big events pop up in life when you least expect them. Whether you own your home or not, we all get unexpected bumps in the road where a large sum of money is needed.

This Monthly Item of Value addresses these needs like a down payment on a home, your child’s educational fund and retirement. They all rely on a rather large nest egg. Learning the most effective ways to build your assets can be the difference in being able to retire or having to work longer.

Please read my report through this link to get details on how to save for your future. The report is in an easy to read format that will only take a few minutes, but could make a big difference in how you approach your savings.

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home search in Baltimore

Home search: Steps to take before you shop

Before starting a home search, you need to do some homework. The more you do, the easier it will be when you make that commitment to begin looking for a home in the Baltimore area. Baltimore is well known for its wonderful areas and neighborhoods, each with its own flavor.

Before you start your home search

By building a solid credit history, you can increase your chances of getting a higher loan amount and a better rate on your mortgage. A lower rate can make a huge difference in the amount you ultimately pay for your home.

Saving for a down payment will help you better afford a home. The larger the down payment, the less you need to finance.

The more money in your savings account, the better. Having money in the bank makes you look like you are better able to pay back money you borrow.

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monthly item of value

Internet home search

Whether you want to go on a virtual tour, check out a neighborhood or get information about a certain property, the internet can be a helpful way to start your home search.

Of course, you cannot get everything from the internet. Sometimes listings are outdated or already sold. Using a realtor to help find homes works best in conjunction with the internet. Your realtor will help guide you through the process, which can be complicated especially if you are a first time home buyer.

Click here for my monthly item of value, “Using the internet for your home search.”

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Renovations on a Budget – Monthly Item of Value

Renovations are possible

Are you considering doing some renovations or improvements around your Baltimore area home? There are ways to make beautiful changes in your home without breaking the bank. Enjoy these tips on how to make home renovations on a budget.

Click on the link below to read about the ways you can save money as you update or change your home, whether you hire someone or learn how to do the modifications yourself.

Monthly Item of Value

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