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June E Report

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June Garden Tips

 There’s always something to be doing in the garden.

The dog days of summer can wreak havoc on your turf and drought intolerant plant material.  Water new plantings and turf every day unless it rains.  Continue watering the next day after the rain stops.  Cutting your lawn one half of an inch higher will allow the blades of grass to collect more morning dew.  Pruning this time of year not only keeps your plant material looking well kept but also gives a great opportunity to notice any unwanted pests or diseases.

For more helpful landscape ideas or help getting them accomplished, contact David Dix of DCD Lawnscaping, Inc at 443.463.9957.  Dave has a horticulture degree and is the owner and operator of his small business that has been serving the community for over 17 years.

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June Calendar

Festivals and Fun Events

June 7 Baltimore Jewish American Festival
2525 Quarry Lake Dr, Baltimore

June 13  11am-7pm Maryland Traditions Folklife Festival
Get ready to be amazed by the “arts of the everyday” happening throughout diverse communities–old and new–throughout our entire state. Creative Alliance in Baltimore City–rain or shine!

June 13/14  HonFest  11 am to 10 pm Saturday. Noon to 6 pm Sunday
Bawlmer’s Best Time… so get your hair on hon! 36th Street-Hamden.

June 21/22 – Noon–10 pm. and Sunday, Noon–9 pm
Patterson Park  latinofest.org

June 20/21 African American Festival                                                                                                            Camden Yards- Lots B and C

imagination-moverswebheadJune 28  Get...

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