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Mark Hines, Fidelity Bank

This series of posts will introduce you to my team of preferred partners who assist me in all aspects of my business. When I say I am your trusted real estate adviser and that I’m available to provide resources/referrals to other industry professionals and services before, during, and after a sale, I mean it.  

Meet Mark Hines of Fidelity Bank

What is your mission statement or philosophy of business?

My mission is to help buyers purchase/finance the home of their dreams. I present all loan options which include grant money or gift funds from relatives. I don’t expect trust but will always work toward earning it.

I like to treat all clients as if they were my own family which means giving them honest suggestions on the best loan program for their circumstances. I truly love what I do!

Tell us something about yourself. Maybe something interesting from a previous work life, something that has shaped your philosophy.

I really don’t think I am very interesting but I have a few things that define me. Number one is I absolutely adore my beautiful wife. I would catch a grenade or jump in front of a train (Bruno Mars) for her! I love my family as a whole and would do anything for them.

I love to fish for anything that swims! I attended college directly from High School for accounting. I thought I would never use it as I hated the numbers and being stuck behind a desk. After 29 years in the workforce, I came to become a Senior Loan officer and the numbers certainly have come in handy! I love that numbers never lie!

Share a recent success story or a story you’re really proud of. Could be industry related or something outside of business. 

When my daughter Whitney was about 5 years old, she gave me a small rock she had found and told me it was a lucky rock. I carried it for years with my pocket knife. On day, I could not find the rock. I approached Whitney and told her I had lost the lucky rock she had given me. Looking me directly in the eyes, she said, it must not have been that lucky? We laughed. I did find it in the laundry after a week or so. I was happy to have it back.

Then I meet a woman that told me her husband had cancer and he had to go through the Chemo treatments. I gave her my lucky rock for him to hold, rub and get strength from. She told me she could not take my lucky rock. I insisted. Two years later, I received in an overnight package to my home that contained that same lucky rock and a heartfelt note. She went on to thank me for the use of this powerful  rock as her husband was in complete remission.

I would just like to say that attitude and believing in something can create some powerful thinking in the human brain. I still carry that rock today!

Freestyle — anything else you would want people to know.

My only thoughts I have left is that I will always treat you with respect as if you were my own!

If you are interested in contacting Mark Hines about your lending needs, you can reach him at (c) 443-386-5107 / Mark.hines@lionbank.com

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