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Is it Time for a Digital Detox?

In this issue of my Monthly Item of Value learn how to do a digital detox and feel better afterwards.

These days, we’re spending a lot more time behind our screens. In 2021, we’ve been clocking five to six hours of phone time a day, according to the data site Statista. And this doesn’t even factor in Zoom calls, television time and the other times where we swap the “little screen” for the “big screen.”

Are you feeling the effects of this tech on your mental health — think brain fog, poor sleep, low productivity, etc.?Then you should consider a digital detox! While it’s impossible to unplug completely, the information below will help you take a 24-hour break from your devices to reset and improve focus.

Follow the six steps to your digital detox in the infogra...

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Something’s Phishy

In this issue of my Monthly Item of Value learn how something’s phishy in your emails these days.

Do you know how to tell if cybercriminals have gone “phishing” for your personal information? Learn to spot the red flags of a suspicious email so the identity thieves never get their big catch!

Always think before you click on any links in your emails. If something is suspicious, don’t click! If it appears to be an email from your cellphone provider, go to their website. Do not click on the link. Log into your account and see if the company has sent you a message.

Look at the email, not the name of the sender to see if it’s really from the company it claims to be...

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Master the Art of Listening

Get tips on how to master the art of listening in this issue of my Monthly Item of Value.

Have you ever noticed how the strongest communicators are also the best listeners? To effectively communicate with somebody, you must be able to hear them out and meet them where they are. If you aren’t actively listening, you could be missing a big part of that person’s experience.

Avoid distractions like looking at your cell phone. Don’t get preoccupied and stay in the present. Don’t just focus on the facts, but consider the speaker’s point of view. What the speaker and look at the body language that goes along with the spoken words.

Take a moment to absorb what the person said before you respond with your comments.

Work on your EQ, emotional intelligence. Be more empathetic...

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How to Place Wall Décor

Get tips on how to place wall décor in this issue of my Monthly Item of Value.

How to place wall décor

Decorating the walls in your home should be fun. However, often times when it comes to hanging larger pieces of art or décor, it’s easy to feel a bit intimidated.

Of course, hanging a small clock can be as simple as sticking a nail in the wall. But what should you do about that wall mirror you just purchased? Or the hanging plant that’s starting to become… well, a sitting plant?

Having the right tools for the job will make things much easier. In the infographic, you can see what type hooks are needed to hang various items from the ceiling or walls.

I want to help you make all your wall decorating dreams come true...

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The Benefits of Estate Planning

Get tips on the benefits of estate planning in this issue of my Monthly Item of Value.

Whether you’re starting a family or celebrating your first grandchild, it’s important to plan ahead. You may not be thinking about it just yet. However, wouldn’t you want to know that those loved ones would be taken care of if you weren’t around? That’s where building an estate plan can help.

This month’s eReport explains a few reasons why setting up a will or estate plan now is so beneficial. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your family journey or a seasoned veteran. You’ll also learn what to double check in your will to make sure your wishes are carried out exactly how you want. Preparing for the future now will grant you more peace of mind down the line!

Estate plan...

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Basics of Credit Card Security

Finding out that your credit card security was compromised is like finding out that someone broke into your house. You feel violated. You have a hard time understanding how it could have happened. What’s even more frustrating is the impact this incident could have on your credit score if not handled right away.

You cards can become compromised through a data breach. Another way is through payment card skimming. Public wifi is fine when used properly. If not your cards become compromised. Falling victim through a phishing attack is another way to become vulnerable. Accidentally installing malware can wreak havoc on your computer as well as compromising your personal information.

To help you prevent bad actors from gaining access to your credit or debit accounts, I wanted to share ...

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8 Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Are you considering a change to your outdoor space? Warmer spring weather is right around the corner. Are you starting to dream up ways to make the most out of your backyard in the months ahead? If so, I’ve got some ideas for you.

With the way things are during the pandemic, outdoor gatherings are still considered one of the safest ways to spend time with friends and family. Subsequently, your yard could become the new socially distanced hang out place! Your outdoor space could become the envy of the neighborhood. And it will become the place where everyone wants to be invited.

Why not make it as cozy as can be? That is to say, you can the most of your yard. Below are eight tips for transforming your outdoor space to enjoy now and throughout the summer.

Consider changes, upgrade...

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Smart Ways to Reduce and Avoid Debt

Between the mortgage, student loans and credit cards, paying off debt can feel impossible. However, there are some smart ways to reduce and avoid debt or even getting into debt at all. In this issue of my Monthly Item of Value get some helpful tips on paying down your debt.

First, you need to stop getting new debt right away. The last thing you want is to add anything else. Avoid buying things you really do not need.

Secondly, create a workable budget, one you can live with and will allow you to start paying down the debt you have accumulated.

There are a couple different ways to deal with your debt, the Rollover Formula and the Snowball Method. Get details about the two methods in the infographic below.

Try these smart ways to reduce down your debt. Don’t delay...

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Make the most of your taxes

In my latest Monthly Item of Value, find out how to make the most of your taxes. Take advantage of all of the tax deductions, credits and strategies that apply in your situation. It’s possible to reduce your tax bill and even receive a refund. You just have to know what’s available to you!

As you move through life, you may buy or sell a home, change your marital status, get a new job or otherwise make moves that alter your finances. It’s important to use those changes to maximum your benefits.

To make the most of your taxes this year, use the tips to get a jump start on your tax forms. Make sure you get every deduction you are eligible to receive.

The helpful information below shares a few tips. You can use to ultimately owe less come Tax Day on April 15...

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Maximize Space in Your Home

Monthly Item of Value – maximize space

Need to maximize space? You’re not alone! This year, many people are searching for a place with room for an office. Others need more workout space, a learning area or space for other activities we’ve started to do from home.

If you’re not ready to make a move just yet, there are a few strategies you can use to optimize the space you do have.

When you declutter, try using furniture that has hidden storage. Make the most of all of your space. You will find you have more room to do the things you need to do. Empty corners can become used space. Vertical spaces that were previously empty can be used for storage.

In this month’s Monthly Item of Value, get some tips on how to maximize space in your home...

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