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3338 Texas Ave

  • 3338 Texas Ave, street view
  • ...
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11 Stone Park Place

  • 11 Stone Park Place, view of the front door

New inventory has hit the market and 11 Stone Park Place in Nottingham is one hot pick.

Enjoy cooking in your beautifully updated, eat-in kitchen...

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3301 E Baltimore St.

  • 3301 E Baltimore St, street view

Historic charm and an open floor plan make this row home at 3301 E Baltimore St. ideal. For instance, there is storage galore with original architectural details peppered throughout...

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living with less

Living with Less

Thanks to Cindy Bernstein of Aim4Order for this episode of Tips from the Pros on living with less.

Believe it or not, there are people who live in homes that are 900 square feet. That’s the size of one room in many homes. Living with less… how can you do it? It starts with your mindset.

Your Mindset

You have to start with a “letting go” mentality. Purge things you don’t need or use. Do it objectively without getting sentimental about belongings in your home. If you can’t be objective, call a friend or family member to help you make the tough decisions.

There can be joy in living without a lot of belongings. It’s easier to keep your home clean, for one thing. Clutter brings its own stress and anxiety...

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What to do when your seedlings grow too big

Thanks to the University of Maryland/Maryland Grows this informative article on what to do when your seedlings grow too big

I started my peppers too early.

Every year I warn fellow gardeners not to rush on getting seeds into pots for warm-weather vegetables. Tomatoes, in particular, outgrow their indoor space under lights much faster than you’d think. However, you can make this mistake with many plants that shouldn’t go outdoors until the chance of frost is past and the soil temperature is at least 60 degrees F. There’s often a several-week gap between the average-last-frost day that you used to count back from when calculating start dates and the actual day that it’s safe to put the plants in the garden. That can go either way, of course...

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Tips & Tricks to Boost Your Credit Score

Boost your credit score by using these handy hacks! It’s not hard and your improved credit score will help you in home buying, refinancing or other type of loan.

Get tips and tricks on the best ways to boost your credit score by doing the following:

  • Lower your credit utilization
  • Request a goodwill deletion
  • Correct credit report mistakes
  • Use a credit boost service

The information below provides easy tips and tricks for giving your score a boost.

boost your credit score

In addition, if you need help buying or selling a home, or know someone who does, please contact me.
Oh, by the way, I’m never too busy for any of your referrals.

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chimney sweep can protect

A Chimney Sweep Can Protect in the Off-Season

Thanks to Clean Sweep for this episode of Tips from the Pros about how a chimney sweep can protect you in the off-season.

Apart from the occasional chilly spring night, we have largely exited fireplace season. And will be shifting our focus to staying comfortable by keeping cool air inside of the house instead of warm air. Even still, springtime makes the perfect time to catch up on your chimney maintenance. This way, you’re ready to go in early fall when the time comes to light up the fireplace once again. Here are the main advantages of scheduling your chimney service right now!

Easy Scheduling

During April Showers, gutter maintenance is the main service homeowners seek from our team...

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health benefits of decluttering your home

Health benefits of decluttering 

Thanks to Cindy Bernstein of Aim4Order for this episode of Tips from the Pros on health benefits of decluttering.

Believe it or not, there are many health benefits of decluttering. It’s more than just making your home more organized, it can actually make positive changes in your health. The changes may be slight or dramatic depending on the situation.

Studies prove it

2016 study from the University of New Mexico discovered that clutter which created a “chaotic and disorderly living space,” has a negative impact on the subject’s ability to feel good. 

There is the obvious benefit of having clear walkways in your home. Stacks of papers or other things on stairs or in hallways can be dangerous, especially for seniors...

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2022 Tax Legislation Update

Thanks to L. K. Benson for sharing this blog on updates on tax legislation.

There have been some notable updates on tax legislation recently and we wanted to provide a quick overview here:

SECURE Act Proposed Regulations

On February 23, 2022, the IRS issued proposed regulations to reflect the changes to the Internal Revenue Code made by the SECURE Act. The SECURE Act was signed into law back in December 2019 and I wrote about the changes it contained here. The most significant of those changes was the new 10-year rule for inherited IRAs. 

Prior to passage of the SECURE Act, most non-spouse beneficiaries of a retirement account were eligible to “stretch” the distributions from that IRA account over their life expectancy...

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4116 Marx Ave

  • 4116 Marx Ave, front view and flower bed
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What are local ecotype plants and why do they matter to pollinators?

Thanks to the University of Maryland/Maryland Grows this informative article on local ecotype plants.

With the planting season upon us, many of us are starting to think about what flowers may be the best for our gardens and pollinators. We may have started to look into floral mixes or even flower starts. Probably there are too many choices and now we’re overwhelmed and don’t know what to do. In previous posts, we talked about the importance of diverse floral choices. Native species are appropriate when choosing plants for pollinators. There is, however, an extra twist that is becoming more mainstream in this story. Today I want to talk about it. Let’s chat about local ecotypes. What they are. What they contribute. And, how to get them (and how to not get them).

What are local ...

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Springtime Home Staging Do’s and Don’ts

This month’s Item of Value is about springtime home staging do’s and don’ts.

Make the most of the spring season with these rejuvenating home updates! The information below provides the top do’s and don’ts for staging your home to sell during the spring months.

springtime home staging
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